Is there a fee to become a Subscriber?

There is no fee to join. You simply sign up and agree to the terms of the subscription.

What are the terms of the subscription?

By becoming a Subscriber, you agree to buy the Solar Credits at a rate that will save you on your overall electric bill - guaranteed. The Sponsor will be responsible for collecting payments from Subscriber.

Can you provide an example?

- Assume a home uses about 1,000 kWh per month

- If the utility rate is $0.25 per kWh, the average monthly bill is $250 (1,000 kWh X $0.25)

- With a subscription in Community Shared Solar, a Subscriber buys an amount of Solar

  Credits that achieves the savings on the utility bill.

- For instance, assuming a 10% discount, the customer buys $250

  of Solar Credits at $225.

How does the billing work?

In the above example, the Subscriber will receive a monetary credit of $250 on the utility bill for the Solar Credits, which will be used to offset any amounts owed to utility. The Sponsor will then invoice the Subscriber for the Solar Credits at the discounted rate of $225.

Can I transfer my subscription?

Your subscription may be transferred to another subscriber with the Sponsor's consent.

What if I move?

If you move, you may transfer your subscription to your new location if the new location is in the same utility territory. If you move outside the utility territory, your subscription will terminate but there will be no penalties or fees for termination.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty upon 30 days' notice. Cancellation will not affect your utility service.

What if the Solar Array doesn't produce solar energy? Do I still get electricity?

You are always connected to your utility provider. The Solar Farm cannot replace the utility because, as an intermittent resource, it produces energy only when the sun is shining. The community shared solar program is designed so that you receive the economic benefits of solar but without the need to actually rely on solar for your energy needs.


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