Do you have relationships among commercial and industrial property owners? 


Are you a real estate broker, a roofing or an electrical contractor? 

You can leverage your relationships and be the catalyst for solar projects, generating long term cash flows. 

We have a reward program with all the tools to take the customer through the whole process. It's FREE!

Step 1. Register as a Solar Advisor

Step 2. Test drive on a first account

Step 3. Scale your business


  • Use of analytics to run your own project analysis and then share with client
  • Save data and reports for future use, including post installation review
  • Benchmarking


  • Minimum technical qualifications and experience applicable in solar space
  • Phone conversation for both parties to develop full understanding of expectations
  • An agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the relationship will be formalized prior to getting access to the platform.


  • Registration is not synonymous with employment or any position at IPPsolar and affiliates. Registered solar advisors will only get compensated on a success basis.

To develop a sense about the way the platform operates, 12 months of electric bills from the facility must be obtained and entered in the data entry form. The rest of the analysis follows. 

Our team will support you and train you to best use the tools that we have made available to you. Once client is considering our proposal, we will support you through the sales step. We may be able to accompany you in the meeting with client to address all open questions.

Our platform allows you to scale your business and generate your own leads, then convert those leads into sales.

We also generate our own leads in many regions. If you are covering a specific region and have demonstrated results, we may offer you to develop our own leads.


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